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SEJ Properties is owned and operated by myself and my wife Shelley Mulligan.  Not only are we landlords of student rental properties but also parents of college students.  We understand both sides of it!  Shelley is a professor at UNH and I am in the financial planning field.  We have been in the landlord business for 19 years and pride ourselves in providing safe, reasonably priced and conveniently located units.  

Our properties are inspected annually by the Durham Fire Dept and we take very seriously the compliance of the latest life/safety codes.  All bedrooms have hardwired smoke detectors.  Each floor has a carbon monoxide detector.  50 Madbury is fully equipped with a wet sprinkler system.  Our units are large with full kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.  Our pricing is all inclusive; utilities are included with no caps, the exception currently is cable/internet service is excluded but we are working on that. There is no charge for parking and it is plentiful.

The lease is a two-page, simple, individual lease for every tenant. The individual lease separates you and your childs responsibilities from those of the other roommates. You are not responsible for the tenancy of your son or daughters roommates.  Lease clauses exist to ensure tenants are responsible and accountable to being good stewards of the property and neighbors of the community.

Never hesitate to contact me directly for any concerns.


Ted Mulligan

Owner SEJ Properties